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Dying Light 2’s free ‘Ronin’ DLC pack is fully out now

The second free DLC pack for Dying Light 2 is, confusingly, now available as three separate downloads

Aiden Caldwell wearing the free Ronin DLC outfit in Dying Light 2.

Another round of free DLC is available now for the freshly launched zombie game Dying Light 2, adding a new themed gear set to Aiden Caldwell’s bulging duffle bag. This new set is the Ronin Pack, and like the first free DLC, it’s confusingly split into three separate Steam entries you’ll have to add to your account individually.

Part one of the Ronin pack launched February 21 and includes a Survivor’s Handcrafted Jacket, Handcrafted Breeches, and Headcrafted Trainers. The outfit is based on a grey, white, and red theme that’s accented in gold, a colour scheme that’s carried over into part two of the pack, which includes handcrafted guards, mask, and mitts. That piece launched February 23.

The third chunk of the Ronin DLC pack, available now, is the Wise Katana unique sword. As you might imagine, this is a handy tool to have on hand in the streets of Villedor, which are crawling with undead monsters eager to yank off your limbs. The Wise Katana features a red-wrapped handle and a weighty looking blade, which should help keep virals at bay.

While you’ll be able to just pull all this new stuff out of Aiden’s stash once you’ve redeemed it, getting it added to your account is a somewhat baffling process. You’ll need to navigate to the Steam page for each of the Ronin Pack’s three parts, then click the ‘play now’ button on the store page. That’ll launch Dying Light 2 – which you can buy here, by the way. You’ll then have to quit the game, navigate to another store page, and launch the game again by pressing play now.

Once you’ve done this three times (or at least, redeemed the parts in which you’re interested), you can find the new items in Aiden’s stash at any safehouse location. Navigate to the ‘extras’ tab and hold down the button for ‘redeem’ on each new item.

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