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Dying Light 2 safe codes locations

A guide on where to find every safe location in Dying Light 2 and all of the safe code combinations to get the valuable loot inside

A bunch of zombies approaching the player in Dying Light 2.

Want to know what the Dying Light 2 safe codes are? The long-awaited sequel to the first-person parkour zombie game has tons of loot that you can find just about anywhere. Like in the first game, you can find plenty of useful items inside safes.

Safes can contain valuable items such as journals, quest items, medkits, and Dying Light 2 inhibitors that you can use to upgrade your abilities. Finding these safes and their combinations are just one of the many reasons the developers claimed in January that Dying Light 2 takes 500 hours to completely unlock.

So far, we know the locations and code combinations of seven safes hidden across the two regions. Rather than have you waste time hunting for clues in the safe room for each corresponding combination of numbers, we will list all Dying Light 2 safe codes below and inform you where you can find every safe in the game.

Dying Light 2 safe code combinations

Here are all the Dying Light 2 safe codes:

  • Safe 1 – 973
  • Safe 2 – 101
  • Safe 3 – 1492
  • Safe 4 – 313
  • Safe 5 – 032167
  • Safe 6 – 314
  • Safe 7 – 510

Dying Light 2 safe locations

Here is where you can find every safe in Dying Light 2:

  • Safe 1 – north of Houndfield in Saint Joseph hospital. This safe is part of the first Biomarker quest
  • Safe 2 – east of Houndfield. The safe is on the ground floor of the Nightrunner’s Hideout north of Cherry Windmill
  • Safe 3 – south of Horseshoe, inside the water tower. This safe requires you to side with Jack and Joe and get arrested
  • Safe 4 – east of Downtown, on top of the military airdrop building next to the bandit camp
  • Safe 5 – north of Muddy Grounds, in the basement of the water tower. Make sure to keep the map during The Deserter quest to get the quest to hunt down this safe.
  • Safe 6 – south of Garrison, in Section C of the electrical station building. You can unlock the door to the room with the safe by connecting the wire
  • Safe 7 – south of Trinity at the top of the bazaar church tower. You will need lots of stamina to reach this area

That’s everything we know about the safe codes in Dying Light 2, but there are plenty of other guides here to help you in the game. If you need more help getting Dying Light 2 to run as smoothly as possible, check out our Dying Light 2 system requirements guide. You can also find out what Dying Light 2 weapons are available and how to repair them if they get damaged.