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Dying Light 2’s price hits new historical low in big sale

Dying Light 2 Reloaded Edition is the cheapest it's ever been on Steam, offering up the parkour and zombie game mashup at a big 60% off.

Dying Light 2 Steam sale historical low: a raider in rough fashioned armor

Talking about zombies and parkour makes me feel like that meme of Doctor Manhattan sat on Mars. It is 2006. I am eight years old. Zombies and parkour are the biggest pop culture phenomena on Earth. It is 2024. I am 25 years old. Zombies and parkour have been mushed together in Dying Light 2. The game is 60% off on Steam. It rocks.

With well over 3,000 parkour animations in Dying Light 2, you jump, slide, and climb your way around the fictional European city of Villedor. There’s even a grappling hook and paraglider – Mirror’s Edge, eat your heart out. You also use a plethora of melee weapons, and firearms now thanks to the game’s last big update, to carve through the zombie hordes like Frank West.

I mean this fully as a compliment, but I’ve always found Dying Light to be the perfect ‘podcast game.’ Once you’ve beaten the story, the flow state you enter while running around the cityscape is so entrancing that you can put on a podcast and not even realize that hours have gone by. The moment-to-moment zombie game movement is just that good.

The Dying Light 2: Reloaded Edition, which is the one on sale, also includes the Bloody Ties DLC at no extra cost, alongside the addition of firearms. The update, which freely replaces the standard edition of the game, saw Dying Light 2 players skyrocket.

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We also spoke to Dying Light franchise director Tymon Smektała at the time about the change, and why Techland added guns to a game that was originally so against them.

“It seems that people really love to score those sweet zombie headshots and the community has been requesting it with a density so big we really had to accept this challenge,” Smektała tells us. “So we did, proving at the same time that our approach to development is very much collaborative as we try, and try, and try to go hand in hand with our community.”

The Dying Light 2: Reloaded Edition is currently 60% off on Steam until Monday July 15, so expect to pay $23.99 / £21.99 before then. The game is the cheapest it’s ever been on Valve’s platform. You can buy it here. Oh, and if you need any more motivation to give Techland’s zombie shooter a go, the enormous new Dying Light 2 update looks spectacular.

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