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Dying Light: Bad Blood brings small-scale “brutal royale” to early access today

Dying Light: Bad Blood brings zombies and parkour to its small-scale, but brutal, battle royale

Dying Light Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood is now available in Steam early access. Techland’s brutal, small-scale battle royale brings Dying Light’s parkour gameplay and close-quarters combat to a 12-person skirmish.

While Bad Blood is playable via Steam, if you want in, you’ll need to buy the game’s founder’s pack. After its full release (currently scheduled for somewhere between the end of this year and the beginning of 2019) however, the game will become free-to-play, and you won’t be able to buy the founder’s pack anymore. As reward for your early backing of the game, you’ll get in-game currency, and exclusive in-game items, including three legendary skins over the course of early access.

Each Bad Blood match spawns a dozen players into a city filled with zombies. Once there, you’ll have to scavenge for weapons – this is battle royale, after all – and destroy zombie hives in order to level up. As the game progresses, you’ll need to use Dying Light’s iconic mobility as you collect blood samples to make sure you’re the first one to earn their helicopter ride out of the violent brawl below.

Harry tried out Bad Blood at Gamescom last month, and came away pretty impressed – you can check out his preview here.

If you fancy picking up the early access version of the game, I’d suggest heading over to Steam. Bear in mind this is early access, and Techland have plenty of free updates planned for the game over the next few months, so prepare for plenty to change during Bad Blood’s ongoing development.