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Dying Light celebrates 6 months of DLC by announcing more DLC


It’s been a half year since we and the rest of the games playing public gave Dying Light the thumbs up in terms of quality. Since then there’s been a number of updates, free and paid, that have introduced new areas, play modes and tidbits for players. Now it looks like Techland are gearing up for something big, as their latest video runs down what they’ve done so far and teases what’s to come. Take a look:

Teased announcement of an announcement aside, Dying Light’s season pass DLC seems a little lacklustre to me, though it’s not a game I’ve managed to get around to yet. A few areas and some co-op, with few story elements? Perhaps I’ve missed something, but that doesn’t seem like a lot for a full DLC package.

Based on that short preview, I’d guess the new DLC is set elsewhere, features vehicles and has a story component. Most of Dying Light took place in a large city, whereas that shot indicates a much more open environment of countryside fields.

You’ll never guess when and where we’ll find out more: oh yes, the Gamescom juggernaut rides again.