Dying Light DLC finds the Fountain of Youth, rewards those who like water


Remember Dying Light’s witty water-based Twitter campaign earlier this year? Seemingly the cross-over between people who enjoy both zombies and drinking H2O is high, because #DrinkForDLC reached more than 15 million folk. Because of the success of this decidedly damp social media exercise, developer Techland decided to make some free new DLC for the open-world zombie romp. Today, the details of this braaaaaains-loving content has been revealed.

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Cutely, the pack is actually called #DrinkForDLC, and includes a fresh exploration-based quest called The Fountain of Youth. Ooh, I wonder what you could be looking for? This little adventure takes place in the game’s Old Town area. I can already feel those wrinkles disappearing.

Getting in on the wet, wet, wet act, the DLC also includes Water 2.0: a blueprint for a new type of throwable weapon that increases the electrocution power of weapons. Personally, I’d have preferred an officially licensed, zombie-slaying Super Soaker.

Finally, the entirely gratis new content pack also features two new parkour challenges, designed around the special theme of – you guessed it – water.

The DLC will be made available to all players on February 9th; the same day Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is released.

And to think this all started with Techland teasing Activision over a crass Red Bull/Destiny promotion. What a world.