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Dying Light gets fan-made developer-backed added content set in abandoned fairground ride


With Dying Light’s first major expansion The Following not due for release until February 9, developers Techland have sought to bridge the gap by releasing a free fan-made project named Harran: The Ride that plants you in an overrun abandoned fairground attraction. Naturally, it’s crawling with zombies.   

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Built using the game’s dev tools, Steam user Cabozzl has crafted a 20 minute-long adventure into “an abandoned thrill ride surrounded by infected visitors” where apparently a “small group of survivors is trapped inside.” Only a “true runner” can save them, we’re told, which is of course where you enter the fold.

While The Following looks set to steer wide of the parkour antics that made the first outing so memorable, Harran’s tight corridors, rooftops, and multi-floored interiors look perfect for clambering, climbing, and collapsing on yourself. Check out the additional content’s teaser trailer:

“We were really amazed by the production value and overall level of skill!” says Dying Light producer Tymon Smektała of Cabozzl’s custom-made works. “This thing has cut-scenes, custom weapons, voice-overs, collectibles and everything else you could expect from a proper DLC.

“It even comes with its own trailer. We couldn’t believe it was all made by just one person and simply had to share it with you.”

If you own Dying Light and fancy giving Harran: The Ride a go yourself, head on over to its Steam Workshop page and do so free-of-charge.