Dying Light intro cinematic explains what’s up with zombie-infested Harran

Dying Light trailer

Techland’s Dying Light isn’t due out until next month, but don’t let that stop you from watching the intro cinematic in an effort to trick your brain into thinking you’re just about to play it. Though I would suggest being nicer to your brain, it’s the only one you’ve got, and nobody likes to be tricked. 

Dying Light’s intro paints the scene with an exciting… news report. It’s unusual that so many zombie games still use news reports for exposition, when clearly Twitter will be the first place people look when the dead rise from their graves. Anyway, direct your eyes below for the trailer. 

So there’s political cock measuring between army men and a humanitarian group, a quarantine, a top secret infiltration mission and really does anyone care? It’s got zombies, parkour and grappling hooks.

And here’s last week’s story trailer, which is surprisingly light on zombies and story, but does contain a lot of chatty people and slices of conversation.

Dying Light is due out on January 27th