Dying Light is getting an Enhanced Edition along with The Following DLC – upgraded graphics free for existing owners


Dying Light will be getting an Enhanced Edition next year, and its improvements will be a free upgrade for people who already own the game, according to Techland.

Somehow Dead Island beat Dying Light to be on our list of the best PC zombie games – which is clearly an oversight – but you can check that list out and get angry at our choices here.

If you don’t already own the base game, though -Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition comes with an “enhanced” version of the base game, the new expansion pack The Following, and every DLC and content update released so far.

According to the trailer, it won’t just be a straight-up graphical overhaul, either. Boasting improved visuals, new animations, better AI and “gameplay improvements”, Techland seems to be attempting to offer a significant upgrade to one of the most surprisingly good videogames of the year.

“We didn’t want to follow a beaten track and just re-release our game in a new wrapping with the current DLC added on,” said lead game designer Maciej Binkowski.

“That’s why for the last half year we’ve been working on a ton of enhancements that we’re now going to make available to everyone. We’re adding bonus post-game content, a Nightmare difficulty level, nearly 100 new animations, new NPC models, advanced AI behaviors, and more. One year after the original release, Dying Light will be even bigger.”

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition is coming to PC on February 6. If you already own the base game, you will get the enhancements for free and will be able to purchase The Following as a standalone DLC. The trailer for that expansion is embedded below: