Dying Light release date moved forward. New video shows multiplayer incursion

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So often release date news is to announce a game has been delayed but Dying Light is eschewing that tradition and releasing earlier than expected. Earlier estimates put Dying Light’s release date in February 2015, that’s now been pulled forwards into January.

A new video of the open world, free running, zombie killing survival game has emerged, too. One that shows off how the your game can be invaded by other players at night time.

Dying Light will now release on January 27th in the Americas,January 28th in Australia and New Zealand, and January 30th in Europe and Asia. Granted, then, it’s releasing right at the end of January instead of February but a push forward is a push forward. (Even if originally Dying light was pushed back from a 2014 release window.)

What’s more interesting about this post is this Dying Light video that shows how the game’s multiplayer works. You’ll need to skip to around 3.30 to see it in action:

I played a little of Dying Light at Gamescom this year and had a good deal of fun scaling buildings and thwacking undead on the noggin with a meat tenderiser. About halfway into our demo we were informed that a hunter, a special infected much like the hunter in Left 4 Dead, was on our tail. The hunter can leap huge distances and, if it catches you off guard, pin and kill you easily.

You can’t simply shoot the thing either as your weapons will only damage it after you’ve weakened it with a UV flashlight. The task’s made much easier if you work in a pair with another player, one of you lighting up the hunter and the other shooting it with their boomstick.

It was only after the demo finished that we were told that the hunter was being controlled by another player. Much like in Watch Dogs, your game can be freely infiltrated by another player, a sort of unexpected multiplayer match that can begin whenever night falls in your game.

My time with Dying Light was brief but Rob’s had more of a shot with it and came away impressed if a little let down by the controls.