Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition out now with zombie cults and trailer

Dying Light: The Following

The long awaited expansion/DLC/free upgrade to Dying Light has now been released, including the combined additional storyline and world of The Following and big changes to the base game in the Enhanced Edition. Those who own the game already get the improvements of the Enhanced Edition for free, including new difficulty levels, game modes and progression paths. The expansion is part of the season pass, or can be picked up on its own. Those who haven’t gotten in on the zombie-slaying action at all yet can now buy the game as the Enhanced Edition, which comes with the expansion, all the rest of the DLC and everything else.

Get eaten and digested with the best zombie games.

Which, while a long and unwieldy explanation, isn’t actually all that complicated – Steam’ll mostly keep you right. Here’s the trailer, showing off a bunch of the new stuff.

In longer terms, you’re getting a fair amount of bang for your buck. The Enhanced Edition adds these bits and bobs:

  • A Legend system with a new difficulty level, an extra set of progression trees and a bunch of new challenges.
  • Improved AI across the board
  • New weapons and animations for killin’ ‘n’ runnin’
  • Community created maps officially added to the game
  • Some new quests as part of the Drink For DLC program.

Meanwhile in The Following there’s a whole new map to explore, buggies to ride and this mysterious cult to, let’s be honest, probably kill mercilessly. You can grab whichever bits of it you’re missing on Steam. Want more? We played and recorded the first hour of The Following last month.