Dying Light: The Following Enhanced Edition will keep you grinding up to level 250

Dying Light Enhanced Edition

Dying Light is getting a spruce-up and a facelift next year. Re-releasing as an Enhanced Edition, one of the game’s new offerings will be a huge helping of post-campaign content. A lot of encouragement to play will be provided through the 250 Legendary Levels, which means that you can keep playing and unlocking new skills and weapons for a crazy length of time.

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“We listen closely to our community and hear many voices that people who did every single thing in Dying Light want more. Legendary Levels are one of the ways in which we’re making the post-game content more meaty,” explained Maciej Binkowski, Dying Light’s lead game designer. “We’re adding 250 additional levels, so you can keep on developing your character while unlocking new weapons, outfits, emblems and skills. It means massive replayability.”

The Dying Light The Following Enhanced Edition will release on February 9th, where players with the base game will receive the enhanced content in a free update. Those who haven’t bought into Dying Light already will be able to buy the Enhanced Edition as a standalone game.