Watch us play the first hour of Dying Light: The Following


Dying Light’s major expansion, The Following, hits on February 9th. We’ve been playing a preview build and now we can show you just that, with a lengthly gameplay video filled with violence, zombies and anti-zombie violence. The first hour to be exact, presented via our wonderful YouTube channel (which you are all subscribed to, right?)

Techland’s update to their open world zombie survival and parkour sim takes the action out of the city and into the wildnerness. Ramming the undead with a buggy and driving off into the sunset, they’re promising it’ll be bigger, better, with more aggressive enemies, a huge addition to the levelling process and more. It’s all about religious cults that form in the wake of the apocalypse and, unsurprisingly, they’re all a little unhinged.

It comes as Techland continue to freely update the base game, adding in Dying Light Steam Workshop tools and fan-made expansions they’ve helped with. The game will also be spruced up via an Enhanced Edition launching alongside the expansion, updating the base version to be more up to our exacting 2016 standards. They’re mostly the same as our 2015 standards, but we like the numbers very slightly higher.

Dying Light fans! What excites you most here?