Dying Light: The Following receives a story teaser, prepare for magical zombie cults

Dying Light the following story

The long-awaited game sized expansion for Dying Light has finally gotten a teaser trailer for its story. The short trailer doesn’t give away massive amount of information about what players will be doing apart from the usual zombie slaying and jumping on things really quickly, but it does give some clues about the threat you’ll be facing in the upcoming add-on.

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Developers Techland look to be pairing the game with supernatural elements, though plenty of mystery still surrounds their forthcoming expansion. The trailer consists almost exclusively of an injured and feverish man going a little nuts while chanting gibberish, though there is mention of a cult who have managed to domesticate zombies with magic, which is easily the highlight of the short teaser.

Dying Light: The Following is set to launch February 9th, 2016 and will come boasting a new area the size of the original game’s map, driveable vehicles for fast-paced zombie manslaughter and a new chapter in protagonist Kyle Crane’s survival quest.