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Dying Light: The Following’s first 16 minutes has zombies that are “more aggressive” than before and crossbows


The first main expansion to last year’s zombie slasher-meets-parkour extravaganza Dying Light is out next month. Until now, we didn’t know all that much about The Following and what it’ll entail and, well, we still don’t. What we do have, however, is a look at the DLC’s first 16 minutes that sees protagonist Kyle Crane lopping off undead heads, zooming down conveniently placed zip wires, and, more often than not, pegging it for his life. 

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During a playthrough with IGN, The Following’s producer Tymon Smektata guides hero Crane around the game’s world – which is the same size as the base game – in his bid to obtain medicine for his group. Naturally, it’s far from a simple call and collect and has Crane and a buddy under the cosh on more than one occasion. If you’ve got a spare quarter of an hour, here’s that in action:

If you’re short on time, my favourite bit is just before the 11 minute mark, where Smektata has Crane climb a lookout post that towers over the rural compound he’s been legging it across up to this point. Crane then whips out a crossbow. Now, if videogame violence has taught us but nothing else, the crossbow is a weapon that is not only infinitely cool but also utterly devastating.

“Now, you see another of the new things that we’ve introduced in The Following,” says Smektaka. “ [The crossbow] is something fans of Dying Light have been asking for, so we’ve given them just that. That’s what the crossbow is for – you can use it to approach any situation in a stealth manner.”

Without a moment’s notice, he picks off an unsuspecting watchman with a head shot before zip-wiring into a building below. Of course, humans are the least of his worries here as the infected – that’re “more aggressive in The Following” and that you “really have to use all that you’ve got”, according to Smektaka – storm the perimeter. It’s all very cool and makes me wish February 9 was a little closer.