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Dying Light’s getting lots of summer events to take your mind off the heat

Dying Light summer

It is hot and awful right now. Go outside, and the full force of the sun will sear your flesh and melt your bones. Stay inside, and you’ll drown in your own sweat. There’s nothing to do but wait for that inevitable moment where summer wins. 

While you do that, though, you can keep yourself busy if you’ve got a copy of the Dying Light. Techland’s got a busy schedule of events to keep you focused on the zombie apocalypse, even if your face is dripping down your chest. 

Dying Light’s summer campaign kicks off on American Freedom Fireworks Day, tomorrow, and will run until August 30th. The first event is the Spider Crane Weekend, giving players unlimited grappling hook shots and almost no fall damage. It should make getting around Harran a complete doddle.

The Spider Crane event will be followed by the Harran Marathon start on July 11th and finishing on the 12th. After that, there are four unannounced events planned.

Details for the future events will be announced soon.