Techland’s brought in a special kind of expert to help with Dying Light

Dying Light

Techland are probably pretty familiar with zombies by now, but for Dying Light, the studio decided that there was still a lot to learn, and did the only thing a sane video game developer could do: they hired Steve, a zombie. Or should that be a Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferer?

Having a walking sack of rotting meat working in the office has clearly been a boon for Techland, particularly when it comes to scanning things into the game.

“To make our game more real, we use scanning technology,” explains Dawid Lubryka. “It allows us to copy any object and put it in our game. We’re not limited to things like boxes or weapons, we can also scan faces and then recreate them down to the smallest detail.”

Dying Light is due out in January, 2015.