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The top five Dying Light mods have been selected for the mod contest

Dying Light mod contest

Techland’s been hosting its second mod contest for Dying Light, their open world zombie romp. The folks over at Techland have played through the submissions and selected the five top mods, and are now relying on you lovely people to vote for the winner. 

Check out the mods below. 

Escaping Death sends you to a rumoured exit out of the quarantine zone, a path that takes a mere ten minutes to leg it through, but longer if you fancy exploring and taking on the zombie hordes.

In Little Big World, you’re a tiny little survivor stuck in a normal sized, zombie-infested house. It’s like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but with walking corpses.

Repetition: Horror House is a haunted house mod, apparently evocative of the Silent Hill teaser, P.T., but with a “Harran twist”.

Skyfall is a surreal adventure through troubled dreams, quite the departure from the zombie action of Dying Light. Expect puzzles and weirdness.

The Winchester Tavern might be a bit familiar if you’ve watched Sean of the Dead. The mod is based on the pub from the film and, appropriately, you can slaughter zombies to your hearts content inside it.

The contest winner will get a bunch of Dying Light merchandise along with an Alienware Alpha, which isn’t a bad haul at all. Has anything on the list taken your fancy?