Dynasty Warriors: Star Wars should be a thing, producer says

Jedi Warriors? Clone Warriors? Star Warriors? Whatever you call it, Star Wars Dynasty Warriors sounds pretty good, and even the Musou devs are into it

Star Wars battle droids line up in great numbers

There have been a lot of licensed Musou games, bringing the Dynasty Warriors concept to a wide range of fictional universes. Like the main series, they’ve varied wildly in quality, but the best can be something special – and a world of lightsabers, armoured troopers, and battle droids seems like a perfect fit. At least one Dynasty Warriors dev feels the same way, too.

“Within the dev team, a lot of different IP and works have been brought up,” producer Akihiro Suzuki tells German outlet JPGames. “This is solely my own opinion, but my own personal wish would be for a Star Wars crossover.” (After passing this idea around the PCGN Slack chat for a bit, we’re all very excited at the thought of mowing down battle droids by the hundreds in some Clone Wars Musou.)

Sadly, that’s just an offhand comment from Suzuki, but given how wide the Star Wars franchise has spread at this point, it’s not out of the question. The license is now with Ubisoft, EA, and more, so who knows how much further it may spread.

Elsewhere in the interview, Suzuki dreams of the future of the Dynasty Warriors series, saying “I’d like to be able to increase the sense of immersion into the battlefield through more realistic depictions, especially through the visual representation and the individual movement (AI) of every single soldier. Also, if we can have multiple people playing simultaneously online, that would be really fun.”

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Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires is the latest game in the series, and hit Steam in December – though English language support won’t land until February 15. For Star Wars games to check out in the meantime, you can follow that link.