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Dyson Sphere Program titanium - how to fly to another planet

Tips for finding titanium and how to import it automatically

Dyson Sphere Program is a game about making automated production lines to create resources. With the right materials and configurations, you can make just about anything you want. Eventually though, you’ll run into a bit of a resource issue. You see, Dyson Sphere Program doesn’t make it easy to get titanium, an otherwise easy-to-mine mineral that you’ll not find on your starting planet.

This is a problem, because titanium is required to make the materials needed to research any object that needs structure matrices. You’ll need to get some key upgrades to make your first venture into outer space, set up a small mining colony on that planet, then find a way to bring back your newly mined resource.

So in order to help you out with this slightly complicated learning curve, we thought we’d give you all the information needed to learn how to mine titanium in Dyson Sphere Program, how to get into space in the first place, and what steps you can take to automate the process of transporting this valuable mineral between planets.

How to get titanium in Dyson Sphere Program

Since this is a space game, you’re soon forced to find new items on other planets. It’s highly likely that the planet you start the game at will not have any titanium. Your first task is to research how to fly to the stars beyond. You’ll need the following upgrades to fly to space and efficiently grab your first batch of titanium:

  • Drive engine Lv1: 150 coal, 60 magnetic coil
  • Drive engine Lv2: 200 electromagnetic matrix, 200 energy matrix

We also recommend upgrading universe exploration up to level two. This requires ten electromagnetic matrices to show all the veins in your current planet, then 200 electromagnetic matrices to show the vein reserves in your current planetary system. This will give you an idea of which planets have titanium on them.

Once you’ve got all the necessary upgrades, build your facilities in advance. Construct a mining machine for mining the titanium, some energy sources to power your outpost, and a storage container to keep hold of these resources while you’re gone.

The vertical construction upgrades can help you keep more titanium stored while you’re away. Finally, add some conveyor belts and sorters to transport the titanium from the mining machine to your storage. It’s also a good idea to ensure your mech has a full restock of resources to use as power, like energetic graphite.

A mech is flying through space to get some titanium in Dyson Sphere Program. They're heading to a red planet.

How to fly in space

After all the preparation is done, double tap, then hold the space bar down until the perspective shifts. You’ll now be in soaring mode. This can be a bit tricky to control, but the key thing to remember is that every time you press a button, you’ll consume power. Here are all the controls for soaring through outer space:

  • W: Reposition your mech to the direction your cursor is facing
  • A: Turn left
  • S: Turn right
  • D: Brake
  • Shift: Accelerate
  • Space: Raise your mech
  • Alt: Lower your mech

You’ll be looking to land on the nearest planet that has titanium on it, which tend to be planets that have their distance measured in astronomical units, or ‘AU’ for short, rather than light years. Landing on a planet requires you to slow down to at least 200 metres per second, which you can do by holding alt while in the planet’s orbit.

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After touching down, all that’s left is to find titanium, set up a small outpost, construct enough Dyson Sphere Program power plants to run them, and then leave it to do its thing. You’ll even save some time later on and set up smelting stations to turn your titanium ore into titanium ingots.

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How to transport materials between planets in Dyson Sphere Program

The big downside for now is that, for the time being at least, you’ll need to manually transport titanium from one planet to another. This is as simple as picking up the item, flying to the other planet, then dumping the item in a storage container. Doing this can get tedious and you’ll want to automate this process as soon as possible.

To easily transport your titanium over from one planet to another, you need to grab the interstellar logistics system upgrade from the tech tree. This is quite a resource intensive upgrade as you’ll not only need all of the logistics upgrades prior to the interstellar logistics system upgrade, but you’ll also need both the titanium smelting and high-strength titanium alloy upgrades to build the towers, as well as make the drones that carry your resources from planet to planet!

Here are all of the upgrades needed to reach in the tech tree that are required to begin transporting materials across planets:

  • Planetary logistics system: 800 electromagnetic matrix, 400 energy matrix
  • Interstellar logistics system: 1,200 electromagnetic matrix, 1,200 energy matrix, 120 structure matrix
  • Titanium smelting: 200 electromagnetic matrix, 200 energy matrix
  • High-strength titanium alloy: 800 electromagnetic matrix, 800 energy matrix, 80 structure matrix
  • Magnetic particle trap: 1,600 electromagnetic matrix, 800 energy matrix
  • Reinforced thruster: 1,600 energy matrix
  • Processor: 800 electromagnetic matrix

Once you’ve constructed an interstellar logistics station on both planets, lay down some conveyor belts and a sorter to begin loading items into the station. To transport items between interstellar logistics stations, you need to assign the material you want to obtain in the interstellar tower as ‘remote demand’.

You then need to make the drone ships and assign them to the tower to begin grabbing the items needed. These drones nab items from the opposing interstellar tower to easily transport materials between planets, with assigned filters on conveyor belts leading out of the receiving interstellar tower to get items where they need to go.

And that’s everything you need to know about titanium and how to transport it between planets in Dyson Sphere Program. You can use the same principles to transport other off-world items to your main facility. If youre looking for more tips, we do have a Dyson Sphere Program beginners guide that explains some of the complex game mechanics this game offers, as well as one for Dyson Sphere Program hydrogen that explains how to generate a near endless supply of this valuable resource.