EA Gamescom livestream begins in just over an hour – watch it here


EA are kicking off Gamescom with a livestream just after 6pm BST. You can come and watch it with us if you’d like. 

If you like new stuff, our list of upcoming PC games is right there.

There’s going to be a 45 minute conference, starting at around 6:15pm BST, followed by an hour of Titanfall 2 and an hour of Battlefield 1, probably with some unbearable YouTube types, or so we hear.

What’s showing up at the conference bit is anyone’s guess, but I’d be surprised if we got any new announcements.

I am crossing my fingers, my toes and even my ribs that we see some more of Mass Effect: Andromeda, though. But knowing my luck, it will be 45 minutes of FIFA and I will cry.

If you want to see it all unfold, come watch it with me here and see me deteriorate in real-time. The stream is embedded below: