An “EA HD title” is set to launch in the next year – but what the heck is it?

EA has made no confirmation that this is another remaster

Electronic Arts plans to officially announce an “EA HD title” soon – but nobody is quite sure what that actually means. The phrasing seems to imply an HD remaster, and fans hungry for the return of Skate 3 or a Mass Effect remaster, and while those are certainly possible, this is by no means a guarantee that EA is reviving its back catalogue.

EA will announce several new games due to launch by March 31, 2021 “over the coming months”, the company says in its latest earnings report. Those titles include “an unannounced EA Sports title, an additional EA HD title, four EA Partners titles, and two mobile soft-launches.”

“EA HD title” could mean a remaster, but it could also simply be a generic way of referring to another EA-published game set for, er, ‘HD’ consoles and PC, as opposed to mobile. EA has already announced Burnout Paradise Remastered for Switch, Command & Conquer Remastered, and annual FIFA, Madden NFL, and NHL titles for this fiscal year, so whatever this mystery game is will be separate from those.

During a conference call with investors, CEO Andrew Wilson was asked if further HD remasters might fill in gaps in the company’s portfolio as bigger projects suffer potential delays due to COVID-19. Wilson says annual sports games are still coming, multi-year titles like Dragon Age and Battlefield are still coming, and “true platform games” like Apex Legends are there to ensure the portfolio is healthy – but didn’t directly address the topic of remasters.

We’ll likely hear more on the new game at EA Play in June, regardless – but the speculation on upcoming PC games can continue unabated until then.