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Fired EA exec disputes the details of his comment about penis size

EA executive Jean-Philippe Grenet was fired for allegedly telling a female co-worker during a conference call that he was “not going to pull my dick out and put it on the table to see who has the bigger dick” in reference to an internal dispute. Grenet claims his comment wasn’t quite so graphically worded, and that he only said that he wouldn’t “compare the length of my dick” with another female colleague.

Grenet had been Global Service Delivery Lead at EA’s Galway, Ireland studio, which handles QA and customer support in Europe. As the Daily Mail reports, he took the €160,000-per-year position in July, and has gotten a temporary injunction to stop the dismissal and prevent EA from replacing him while the case is still in process with the Irish High Court. Grenet seeks to have his dismissal reversed and return to work.

Regardless of the specific wording, Grenet admits his comment was “clumsy, inelegant, and ill advised,” though his lawyer asserts Grenet’s firing was a “disturbing breach of natural justice.” Grenet further claims that the colleague who made the sexual harassment complaint had previously applied for his position and wanted to “undermine my authority.”

“He is looking to return to work,” Grenet’s lawyer says. “He is substantially concerned with his reputation and is seeking to vindicate that.”

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The conference call took place on November 9, and Grenet says he was dismissed on November 14. EA contends that the company is within its rights to fire Grenet. Hearings are still ongoing.

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