Eagle Flight is the Ubisoft VR game that takes you out of Paris and into its skyboxes

Eagle Flight

For the early VR adopter who plays Eve: Valkyrie but thinks, “I wish they were more feathers on this ship”, Eagle Flight is an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive dogfighting game set in the skies of Paris. It’s built by FunHouse, a division of the flagship Ubisoft Montreal studio that assembled Unity, but set 50 years after humans have vacated the French capital.

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The idea is sound: let people indulge in the simple pleasure of the impossible. FunHouse are offering the freedom of flight, over familiar landmarks overrun by flora and fauna. They say their Paris is a playground fit for single-player soaring, plus six-bird multiplayer in two team modes.

“We’re excited to make the dream of flying come true with Eagle Flight,” says game director Olivier Palmieri. “Virtual reality has created new and amazing opportunities for game developers and we wanted to offer a full VR game that took full advantage of the technological advances.

PCGN master and commander Joel played Eagle Flight in prototype form at Gamescom, and got on very well indeed with its headtracked maneuvering and sense of speed. Ever wanted to do the squawking in an Assassin’s Creed, rather than the hay-diving?

Eagle Flight will be compatible with both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive when it comes to PC next year.