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Earth 2160 is being given away free on GMG until midday 14 November


Strategy game Earth 2160 is currently free to download over at Green Man Gaming but only for a short while longer. Our retail partner got in contact to say the site cann’ee take it much longer and they’ll be shutting down the free game overflow pipe at midday tomorrow.

Details of how you can pick up your free game can be found below.

You don’t even need a code or nuttin. Simply go through to this here blog post over on the Green Man Gaming site and follow their link through to the game’s sale page. You’ll see its current price is set at £0.00. A fine price it must be said.

Earth 2160’s a strategy game that pits four factions against each other for dominance of the planet. It’s a generous giveaway because although the game’s now almost eight years old it’s a hefty does of gaming: four factions, four campaigns, four unique tech trees, 28 levels, all manner of long term fun to be had. Also, if the comments I found while writing this post were anything to go by, the multiplayer is pretty good.

If your whistle ain’t whet yet then have an eyeball of this trailer:

FromSandett’s Youtube channel.

As I said up top, Green Man Gaming is PCGamesN’s retail partner. They supply with funds for biscuits, tea, and Jeremy’s rehab bills. Still, this game is being given away for free so I ask you “Are we corrupt for telling you about it?”