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Destiny 2 meets Fallout in multiplayer survival shooter Earth: Revival

Destiny 2 and Fallout combine in a new multiplayer, sci-fi, and open world survival shooter Earth: Revival, which includes PvP, PvE, crafting, and base building

Destiny 2 meets Fallout in multiplayer survival shooter: a soldier holds another wounded soldier in Earth: Revival

Destiny 2 brings the dungeons, the raids, and the high-intensity PvP and PvE. Fallout has the crafting, survival mechanics, open-world exploration, and the base building. If only they could somehow be fused together. If only there was an upcoming, multiplayer FPS, which took Bungie and Bethesda’s respective mega hits, and blended them into a single game.

Enter Earth: Revival, an upcoming PC shooter which combines exploration, customisation, base building, and even World of Warcraft-style animal companions. Set in a futuristic but bleak 22nd century, it casts you as a struggling survivor on a seemingly obliterated former Earth – you can see the Fallout comparison growing stronger.

Using customisable weapons, skills, equipment, and upgrades, your job is to try and recapture the planet from a mysterious alien blight, all the while fighting to live through crafting and survival mechanics. You need to hunt down food and other resources, and build a personal settlement in order to stay alive.

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On the multiplayer front, there’s a battle-royale mode, PvE raids, big boss battle events, and specialised team-based tournaments. Base building is also cooperative, and Earth: Revival is slated to include a range of endgame PvE material, a la Destiny 2. Developer Nuverse is holding a closed beta beginning in September, and you can sign up via its website.

No full release date has been given yet, but Earth: Revival is scheduled to launch in 2023. In the meantime, you might want to check out some of the other best survival games, or perhaps one of the best multiplayer games on PC. We’re also on the lookout for the best upcoming PC games, and can walk you through precisely how to make the best Destiny 2 build. Keep an eye on PCGamesN for more news on Earth: Revival in the future.