Left 4 Dead meets an alien invasion in Earthfall, with a full release in July


Earthfall, a four-player co-op shooter in which aliens have invaded the Pacific Northwest, will launch on July 13. An announcement trailer, which you can watch below, shows Left for Dead-style action as you and three teammates fight to take back control and discover the secrets behind the mysterious invasion.

Earthfall will feature ten missions across two campaigns, as players fight waves of drones and hold positions with the help of 3D-printed weapons, portable barricades and heavy turrets. From the trailer, it also looks as though you’ll rely relatively heavily on your environment, working to establish defendable positions, defend generators and power sources, and blow up gas canisters to thin out the horde.

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As with many horde-based shooters of its ilk, Earthfall tasks you with dealing with generic monsters as well as enhanced creatures with special powers. Towards the end of the trailer, as the horde approaches the survivors, a new alien blinks in, surrounded by what looks to be a force-field.

Earthfall is currently in early access, with developers Holospark having spent a little over a year working with the community to improve the game. You can currently pick it up on Steam for $14.99 until full release, when the price will jump to $29.99.