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Zelda meets The Last of Us in Eastward, coming to Steam next month

Eastward closed out Nintendo's Indie World Showcase today, but don't worry - it's still coming to PC, too

John and Sam explore a city in Eastward, coming soon to Steam and GOG

A trailer for Eastward closed the Nintendo Indie World Showcase earlier today, announcing the game’s release date – but don’t worry, it’s coming to PC, too. The 2D action-adventure is due out in just over a month, and it’s the first title from Shanghai-based studio Pixpil, joining an increasingly-robust line of games at publisher Chucklefish driven by beautiful pixel art.

Eastward is due out on September 16 for PC via Steam and GOG, as well as Nintendo Switch. A 10% pre-order discount brings the price down to $22.49 / £19.79 / €22.49. The devs say in the announcement that you can expect around 30 hours of gameplay out of Eastward, so this is a meaty one.

Eastward puts you in control of two protagonists – John and Sam – in a cross-country journey through a world where society has collapsed after the spread of a deadly toxin. It’s got the extremely green post-apocalypse and sad dad vibes of The Last of Us, combined with the colourful charms and top-down perspective of classic Zelda.

It’s also absolutely gorgeous, as you can see in the trailer below.

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