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Eat your marines: Aliens campaign DLC incoming


I can dress it up as a choo-choo train or chop it into really tiny pieces, but I’m not sure there’s anything I can do to stop you from you from hiding this extra helping of Aliens: Colonial Marines in your mash.

Stasis Interrupted is a brand new single player chapter for TimeGate’s dismal shooter – the last release planned for the game’s season pass, but the first to expand on its excretable solo campaign.

It hasn’t been officially announced yet – instead leaked via PS3Trophies and their collection of imaginary gold cups – so we don’t know the first thing about it. But there’s a chance that Gearbox’s very public lesson in the perils of outsourcing might see them deign to develop this small slice of the game themselves.

Who knows: perhaps the team behind Borderlands and Brothers In Arms will finally build a campaign worthy of the Aliens name and the marketing push Randy Pitchford led prior to Colonial Marines’ release.

Even if those particular stars were to align, however, they’d still be lumbered with that engine, and their levels would be populated by the same Xenumpties responsible for this:

Earlier this month, Gearbox man of men Pitchford took to Twitter amid allegations of false advertising.

“The intent was to entertain,” he said. “If that did not succeed with you, that was a failure but not a trick.” And later: “You mistake a creator failing to entertain with the creator having wicked intent. Did you like Crystal Skull? Spielberg?”

Thanks, Eurogamer and CVG.