Get ready for a game from ex-Hitman devs in which your playstyle is your greatest enemy

Echo release date

Imagine Hitman, only it’s creepy and set in space. That’s what you can expect from Echo – the first game from indie outfit Ultra Ultra. They’re mostly ex-Io, having put together Hitman and other games over the past few years. That history shines through strongly in Echo, with main character En doing much the same crouching, sniping, and silenced pistoling as Agent 47. However, her enemies are a bit different: they’re her.

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In the far reaches of space, En is infiltrating The Palace, a vast alien construction that’s more like a giant, ancient computer than a building. Once she’s inside, it tries to kill her, and it does so by creating copies of her and learning from her, well, your, actions.

What that meas is, if you decide to take a stealthy approach, so will the enemies. If you grab a gun and start firing, they’ll have their own. At the very least, it’s a fascinating concept, leading to some slightly disturbing imagery as seen in the thumbnail. Lovely.

Some reprieve comes when The Palace shuts down to update itself – turning everything pitch-black but giving you a little room to breathe, as seen in various sections of the above trailer.

Just announced is the release date, September 19, putting it in week two of Gamepocalypse 2017, this year running from mid-September to mid-November as every major studio puts out their system-selling Christmas goodies. Hopefully Echo can find a place in there.