Egress is what happens when you mix Lovecraft, cyberpunk, Dark Souls, and battle royale

There’s a lot going on in the announcement trailer for Egress. There’s a VHS video filter and neon light among footage of a Victorian town populated by magic-wielding warriors, with some sort of deep darkness emerging from the ocean. If that wasn’t enough, it plays as a battle royale with Dark Souls combat.

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Those are a lot of inspirations to wrangle, but it’s such a wild set of inspirations it almost can’t help but be intriguing. The idea of a Souls-like battle royale alone is fascinating enough, since it forces you to engage with your enemies in melee combat rather than constantly running the risk of getting gunned by unknown assailants at a distance.

Egress’s Steam page suggests you’ll have unique heroes with their own abilities and weapons, giving them specialized roles in either solo or team modes. The city hosting the battles will be a multi-tiered place with battles taking place across streets, rooftops, and sewers.

The only previous game from developers Fazan on Steam is a small horror title called Beastiarium that released all the way back in 2016, and it remains to be seen just how Egress will shape up in the end. If you want to be on the ground floor in finding out, you can sign up for a closed beta on the official site. The game is set to release this year on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


3 Months ago

I'm curious where you got "Victorian town" from with neon lights and brown brick buildings?

Beyond that, game looks interesting. Hopefully they're not biting off more than they can chew.

Dustin Bailey
3 Months ago

They're billing a Victorian setting in the promotional material, so the town's at least supposed to seem that way.

3 Months ago

Ah, I see. Well we've only seen very little thus far, so maybe there's more architecture a bit closer to what one would expect with a Victorian setting. Who knows!