Fan-made Elden Ring animation makes fun of famous boss line

A fan-made Elden Ring animation twists an iconic line from one of the RPG game’s boss fights into a very silly scene featuring a hulking runebear

Fans will know that during the many attempts required to take down some of the more deadly Elden Ring bosses, some of their distinctive voice lines will often get stuck in your head. Now, a fan-made Elden Ring animation makes fun of one of the RPG game’s most memorable moments by twisting it into a rather goofy but funny scene featuring a gargantuan runebear.

Warning: spoilers for an early-game Elden Ring boss fight follow.

Godrick the Grafted is one of the first major boss fights most Elden Ring players will find themselves tackling. He is also responsible for one of the more notable mid-fight moments to occur in the mammoth open-world game. Halfway through the fight, Godrick slams his giant axe down upon one of his many arms, slicing half of it clean off. He then grafts a nearby dragon head to the limb, bringing it to life and raising it into the air.

As fire spews forth from the dragon’s now-living mouth, Godrick exclaims: “Forefathers, one and all… bear witness!” It’s this particular line that animator MAN_ticore latched onto, reimagining Godrick as the judge in a court of law. As he roars those powerful words at the assembled onlookers, his arm-dragon bangs a gavel held precariously in its mouth.

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Then, as he exclaims, “bear witness,” Godrick then gestures over to the stand, where the punchline is delivered – a quite literal bear witness, portrayed by one of the fantasy game’s monstrous runebears. MAN_ticore says, “I’m not the first who came up with this joke, but I still wanted to animate it.”

The bear delivers a line taken from another popular meme, a man perplexed by a burglar who stole his cheese grater and soap. Coincidentally, MAN_ticore’s humorous animation was spotted by the reddit user responsible for that particular video’s popularity, who commented saying that the Elden Ring take “was a treat to see.” Other commenters on the Reddit post joke that the runebear should be on trial themselves for crimes committed against players.

The whole thing is incredibly silly, but yet another reminder of the creativity of the Elden Ring community. Some other highlights from the fantasy game’s fanbase include a firebender combat mod based on Avatar: The Last Airbender and some sublime speedruns at the recent SDGQ event.

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