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Elden Ring Blaidd actor confronts the horniness of his fans

Scott Arthur, the Elden Ring Blaidd voice actor, is fully aware of his thirsty the RPG character's fans are, and now he's ready to confront that fact

The Elden Ring Blaidd character has a lot of... fans

Elden Ring Blaidd voice actor Scott Arthur plays one of the most popular characters in FromSoftware’s RPG game, and is apparently aware of how horny a section of the fanbase is for the wolf-man. Arthur was recently forced to confront this fact, which leaves him “warm” and “aroused”.

In a new video interview by BuzzFeed (via Eurogamer), the Elden Ring actor was asked to read and respond to a number of tweets from the fantasy game‘s community. Arthur upfront admits that he knows that Blaidd has “caused quite a stir in the furry world”, but is perhaps unprepared for the unbridled horniness that awaits him.

“Blaidd is so thicc and hot,” reads one. “I want Blaidd to kiss me on the lips and tell me that we make a great team,” states another, “I want him to pick me up and carry me to his little wolf hovel.” “I could read these all day, I’m having a great time,” Arthur replies, while trying to keep a straight face throughout.

When asked how he felt reading the tweets, Arthur describes his feelings as, “warm, aroused, comforted, and very loved. Thank you to everyone who has shown the love and the horniness for Blaidd.” You can check out the full video below. We do agree with the part about an Elden Ring dating simulator, though. “There’s some money to be made in that,” Arthur agrees.

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If you’re still horny after watching that, check out some of the best sex games on PC. If you’re more interested in showing off your own Elden Ring builds, a community-run fashion show is in the works.

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