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New Elden Ring mod turns it into a super tough DnD style RPG

Elden Ring is already brutally difficult, but it's not hard enough for some, so one modder is overhauling it into a brutal DnD style ARPG.

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Shadow of the Erdtree has been out for a couple of weeks now, and while some of us (read: me) are still struggling through it, others have powered through and are twiddling their thumbs, waiting for the next challenge Elden Ring has to offer. While developer FromSoftware has said no more DLC will be coming, a new mod looks like it will overhaul the game to such a degree it may as well be a sequel.

‘Muugiboy’ recently released a massive Elden Ring mod that overhauls just about every system in the game. It takes inspiration from DnD to transform it into an even more brutal RPG, with a focus on aggressive combat and a more traditional class and race system. It’s currently under the working title of ‘W.I.P Traditional RPG Mod,; and it’s been updated to work with both the Elden Ring DLC and the must-have seamless Co-op mod.

You’ll want to create a new character for this experience, because you can choose a race — each with buffs and debuffs — and a more traditional class, such as mage, rogue, and tank. These will all start with a 20 in one of their key stats. The tank will come with level 20 vigor, for example.

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Many people claim playing a soulsborne game using magic is easy mode, but you won’t want to pass it up here. Elden Ring’s magic system was already miles ahead of any of FromSoftware’s previous games, and this mod expands it even more. Basic mage attacks will restore the FP needed to cast normal and ultimate spells. The former will just be slightly more powerful attacks that cost FP to cast, while ultimate spells will put all magic other than your basic attacks into a cooldown, but also do massive damage.

Naturally, this mod also changes the way bosses work in Elden Ring. It will be impossible to stagger them until you’ve knocked off 25% of their health bar. Once you’ve done that, they’ll take much more poise damage for a short time, so you need to be aggressive and knock them into submission to land your critical hits.

The mod has added skill trees to five of the ten classes already. Each class has three subclasses, and each of these has ten skills that you can stack ten points into to boost their effects. Weapons are now locked to the classes, meaning you’ll have to be more considerate of your build right from the start. Levelling up is changed, too. Now, you’ll get stronger by defeating big bosses, and what attributes are raised depends on your class.

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The healing system is also changed. The flasks will no longer require an animation, meaning their healing effect is instant, but they will have a cooldown after use, so plan accordingly. Stamina has also been reworked so that attacking, dodging, and jumping no longer deplete it, but when it does reach zero any attack will stagger you, causing the follow up to be devastating.

There’s too much in this mod to write about in one article, so if you want to see the full list of changes, you can read up on it and download it from Nexus Mods, right here.

If you’re working your way through Shadow of the Erdtree right now, make sure you know where to get all the Elden Ring talismans. It’s also essential to find the Elden Ring Scadutree fragments, which are very well hidden.

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