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Elden Ring player smacks wall 50 times, discovers secret

Besides the normal Elden Ring illusory walls, there are other hidden paths that players have only uncovered by smacking walls 50 times in a row

A player stands in front of a newly-discovered Elden Ring illusory wall

Elden Ring‘s illusory walls often hide the way to the secret items, and the only way to discover those hidden walls is by giving them a quick smack, or seeing a message from a player who’s done that for you. Apparently there’s at least one hidden path in the game that doesn’t play by the rules – a secret which one player discovered by hitting a wall 50 times in a row.

The wall in question is hidden in Volcano Manor. Apparently the secret was initially uncovered on a Taiwanese forum, but was brought to the English-speaking Elden Ring community by user teristam on Reddit. A timelapse gif shows a player striking an unassuming wall dozens of times to make it to the other side. There’s no hidden room here – this just serves as a shortcut between two rooms you can access through normal play.

Apparently the number of hits to open the wall can vary depending on which weapon you’re using. User EqFox provided another clip of the wall getting busted down, just in case you had any doubt that the original clip is real. Another user, SpytheSnail, discovered a different hidden wall that required multiple hits to break down in the same area.

Now every single Elden Ring player is asking themselves the same question: What if all those seemingly fake messages about hidden walls weren’t lying after all?

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