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Elden Ring Jolan quest guide

The black-blad Jolan has pretty awesome rewards if you complete her quest, including her awesome katana. Here’s how to get it.

jolan from elden ring near a candle

How do you complete Jolan’s quest in Elden Ring? Tied closely to Count Ymir, Jolan’s quest differs in key areas that you’re likely going to want to know about if you want great loot. It also requires defeating a couple of difficult bosses and reaching some hard-to-find areas, but never fear – we’ve gone ahead and compiled everything you need to know.

Jolan isn’t the only NPC that requires a quest guide in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Other guides, such as the Elden Ring Leda quest guide, require far more steps than Jolan’s to reach the end. As both quests involve defeating more than one difficult boss, the best thing you can do is to read up on all Scadutree Fragment locations to make sure you’re as powerful as can be.

key locations to find count ymir location in elden ring

Where to find Elden Ring Jolan

Swordhand of Night Jolan is found in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr. This area is a bit tricky to reach, and it requires accessing the Scadu Atlas area first by either clearing Castle Ensis or through the Fort of Reprimand, the latter of which can be accessed from a Spiritspring in the east of the Gravesite Plains. See the above image for key locations in reaching her.

From the Highroad Cross Site of Grace in Scadu Atlas, follow these steps to find Jolan:

    • Follow the road southeast of the Highroad Cross Site of Grace to reach the Moorth Ruins.
    • Within the northeast corner of the Moorth Ruins, head down into a cave that takes you out into Bonny Village.
    • In Bonny Village, head north on the far side of the dry riverbed to find a statue where you can pick up the O Mother gesture.
    • Cross the large bridge in the east of Bonny Village and follow it all the way past the Furnace Golem to the Church District Highroad Site of Grace.
    • From there, head southwest to reach the Cathedral of Manus Metyr.

Jolan will be leaning up against a pillar to the right of the Cathedral of Manus Metyr Site of Grace. She may not be there if you haven’t spoken with Count Ymir yet. We actually missed Jolan our first time there as she’s wearing all black armor and rather hard to spot.

speaking with jolan in elden ring

How to complete Elden Ring Jolan quest

Jolan’s quest cannot be completed until you finish Count Ymir’s quest. Luckily, we have an in-depth Elden Ring Count Ymir quest guide for you if you get stuck. However, here’s a condensed version of what you must do:

  • Speak to Count Ymir to receive the Ruins Map.
  • Travel to the Cerulean Coast, heading south and then east to ring the bell in the Finger Ruins of Rhia.
  • Return to Count Ymir to receive the Ruins Map (2nd).
  • With the O Mother gesture looted from north of Bonny Village, make your way through the Church District of the Shadow Keep until you reach the Shadow Keep, Back Gate Site of Grace.
  • Use the O Mother gesture in front of the Marika statue to the right of the Site of Grace.
  • Travel through the Hinterland to reach the Finger Ruins of Dheo and ring the second bell.
  • Return to Count Ymir and receive the Ruins Map (3rd).
  • Reload the area by resting at the Site of Grace and then interact with Count Ymir’s Throne.
  • Defeat Swordhand of Night Anna and ring the third bell.
  • Defeat Metyr Mother of Fingers.
  • Defeat Jolan and Count Ymir.

After ringing the bells, you can speak with Jolan to learn more about her. Furthermore, she will become available to summon for the Messmer the Impaler boss fight if you do not conclude her quest before then. Last, you can speak with her after defeating her sister for even more lore.

Once Metyr Mother of Fingers is defeated, return to the throne area of the Cathedral of Metyr. Swordhand of Night Jolan will invade you, and once she’s defeated, you will have to defeat Count Ymir Mother of Fingers.

For more information on how to defeat both Metyr Mother of Fingers and Count Ymir, see our Elden Ring Count Ymir guide.

fighting count ymir as a boss in elden ring

Jolan’s quest continues after the death of Count Ymir. To conclude her quest, reload the area and speak to her where she’s usually found at the pillar, now slumped and near death. Here, you have the choice to either give her an Iris of Grace or an Iris of Occultation for the following rewards:

  • Iris of Grace: Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash
  • Iris of Occultation: Sword of Night

The Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash can be upgraded to include her sister, Anna, while the Sword of Night is not only an awesome katana but it comes with the powerful Witching Hour Slash skill. If you’re not a dexterity build, go with the Spirit Ash.

the iris of occultation item from elden ring

Where to find the Iris of Grace and Iris of Occultation

You can find both the Iris of Grace and Iris of Occultation in the Shadow Keep. One Iris of Grace is found near the Storehouse, First Floor Site of Grace. Take your first left from the Site of Grace and use an elevator to descend. You’ll find the Iris of Grace in a large room filled with living jar enemies. For the Iris of Occultation, kill the Ulcerated Spirit in the drained Cathedral Ward of the Shadow Keep to receive it. This area is accessed northwest of the Cathedral of Manus Metyr.

a map showing the elden ring anna doll location in the shaman village

How to upgrade the Night of Jolan Spirit Ash

To upgrade the Night of Jolan Spirit Ash, you must return to the Hinterland area where the Finger Ruins of Dheo are located. From the Hinterland Site of Grace, hug the southern wall of the Shadow Keep and follow the path up to Shaman Village. At the very back of Shaman Village, you will find several cliff ledges that lead down to a hidden area in Rabbath’s Rise. See the above image for exact locations. Here, you’ll find a doll of Swordhand of Night Anna. Interact with it, and the Spirit Ash will transform into the powerful Jolan and Anna Spirit Ash.

With the Spirit Ash upgraded or the Sword of Night chosen, Jolan’s quest has come to an end. If you’re still having difficulty with Metyr Mother of Fingers, you should make sure you’ve double-checked all Revered Spirit Ashes locations so your Mimic Tear can tank more powerful hits. If you’re itching for more Soulslike action with perhaps less esoteric quests, take a look at the best Soulslikes on PC.