The Elden Ring board game Kickstarter launch date revealed

The Elden Ring board game Kickstarter campaign will kick off in November, and it already has 20,000 'tarnished' fans eager to pledge when it goes live

Elden Ring board game Kickstarter start date: Margit the Fell Omen, with horns growing from his head and a robe covering his body

Of course there’s an Elden Ring board game in the works, and of course it’s going to be on Kickstarter – we reported on its announcement last month, naturally, but its coming was all but set in stone by the massive popularity of RPG game tie-ins on tabletops. Now the company producing the game, Steamforged Games, has announced that the Elden Ring Board Game Kickstarter campaign will launch November 22 – and it already has many thousands of fans ready to pledge.

“Take your first step on the road to becoming an Elden Lord,” the teaser posted to the Steamforged Twitter account beckons, showing a render of the board game’s handsomely embossed box.

There’s little to go on beyond that, alas. All we’ve seen of the board game itself so far is a render of one of the miniatures – it’s of early Elden Ring boss Margit the Fell Omen, who players encounter on the ramparts to Stormveil Castle in Limgrave.

It’s not Steamforged first adaptation of FromSoftware’s popular games, however. It’s already produced the Dark Souls board game, which it funded with a Kickstarter in 2016 that ultimately pulled in $5.4 million USD / £4.7 million GBP.

While the miniatures of iconic Elden Ring bosses and characters will no doubt be a big draw to the board game this time around too, Steamforged’s board game spin on Dark Souls also included some creative and innovative mechanics to make it an interesting game in its own right – and we expect they’ll be aiming to do the same with their tabletop edition of the Lands Between.

We don’t yet know the goal they have for the campaign, but it hardly matters – it’s a board game with cool miniatures on Kickstarter, it’ll do just fine. There are already more than 20,000 followers interested in pledging when the campaign goes live.