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Elden Ring mod explains exactly how every item effect works

The Detailed Item Descriptions Elden Ring mod tells you exactly what every item, spell, and skill does in the open-world RPG game, with exact damage numbers

Elden Ring Mod Detailed Item Descriptions - a character pops a golden rune

If you’ve ever picked up an item in FromSoftware’s expansive open-world game and been confused about how it works, an Elden Ring mod has got you covered. The Detailed Item Descriptions mod does exactly what it says on the tin – adding new, extensive item descriptions complete with exact damage numbers and percentages for every single item in the RPG game. This includes spells, equipment, and weapon skills along with all of the usable items.

Dziggy, creator of the Detailed Item Descriptions Elden Ring mod, says they made the mod because they were “sick of looking up every item to see what it actually did.” As a result, they embarked on a mammoth undertaking to rewrite the descriptions for “every single item in the game, including spells, equipment, and weapon skills.” These descriptions now include accurate, often detailed text descriptions that explain how the item is used and what effects it can apply.

The mod also details exact numbers, breaking them down into individual statistics such as base physical damage, stat accumulation (for buildup effects such as sleep or bleed), and buff or debuff percentages applied to affected characters. It even uses coloured text to break things up nicely into an easily readable and understandable format.

As an example, the mod tells you exactly what the notorious Baldachin’s Blessing item received from Fia does – both listing the 5% maximum HP reduction while it is in your possession, and detailing that using it applies 35% physical damage reduction and a 52% increase to your character’s poise stat for 15 seconds. Similarly, the mod explains that the Frozen Armament sorcery causes 48 frostbite accumulation per attack for 60 seconds, and tells you that the spell can be cast while in motion.

The mod also includes a helpful description of what any effects such as frostbite and bleed actually do on any item or spell which can cause them, so you don’t have to go looking elsewhere to find out what the benefits and detriments are. It even covers weapon skill inconsistencies – explaining, for example, that the timing window on the parry ash of war starts earlier and last longer on smaller shields than on medium ones.

Elden Ring, like FromSoftware’s other games before it, is famous for the obscurity around a lot of its items – so this mod will certainly come in handy for people who want to remove some of that mystery without diving deep into wikipedia entries. Dziggy notes that they have not altered any lore or physical descriptions of items, but separated them out from the item effect sections. They also fixed any descriptions which were considered to have “missing, misleading, or wrong information about what an item does.”

This is just one of the incredible Elden Ring mods that the fantasy game’s community has been working on, with some of the others including seamless co-op multiplayer or turning Elden Ring into the best survival game on PC. You can even come face to face with surprise Internet sensation Binley Mega Chippy in a terrifying encounter, if you so desire.