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Elden Ring mod reveals new, invisible boss

Elden Ring mods have unearthed a new, terrifying version of the Bell Bearing Hunter boss, and when we say it’s never been seen before, we mean it

Elden Ring mods are either a gift or a curse. In some cases, they transform From Software’s open-world masterpiece into a rugged, rewarding game of survival. In others, they turn every enemy and NPC into Malenia, at which point, you can pretty much give up even trying to make it past the Gatefront Ruins.

But this is a real new one. Courtesy of an enemy and item randomiser mod, YouTuber MythyMoo has unearthed a terrifying, never-before-seen Elden Ring boss fight – and when we say it’s never before seen, we mean it literally.

As the name implies, the randomiser mod juggles and remixes all of Elden Ring’s enemies and pick-ups. You collect some arrows, they turn out to be a crystal tear. You go to an area where normally there would just be dogs, and they’ve all turned into living jars.

The mod even goes so far as changing the names of bosses. The Ulcerated Tree Spirit now borrows its name from the Scaly Misbegotten, becoming the Misbegotten Tree Spirit. Cemetery Shade becomes the absurd-sounding Putrid Grave Warden Shade. Everything gets thrown together, and the mod spits it out in a horrifying jumble.

Which is exactly the case when MythyMoo arrives in the Consecrated Snowfield, where you’d normally encounter a variety of field bosses, including the Night’s Cavalry. After dispatching all of the lesser enemies, MythyMoo stops still, and suddenly begins hearing the ominous sounds of clanking chains and heavy footsteps. They cast an area-of-effect fire spell, and have just enough time to shout “what the-?” before being killed in two blows by an invisible boss confusingly named ‘Night’s Hunter’.

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That’s right – if you mess with Elden Ring by randomising its code, it’ll punish you with a brand-new, ultra-strong boss that is also invisible. MythyMoo spends the rest of their video trying to bring this abomination down, but one viewer, HotSoup43, has perhaps solved its origin story by observing the Bell Bearing Hunter boss from the base game.

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“My guess is that the ‘Night Hunter’ is invisible because when the Bell Bearing Hunter appears he does so through an invasion type trigger,” they write. “Every time you see Bell Bearing Hunter he appears out of that red fog and his model loads in, and that event doesn’t exist outside that boss event, so his model never loads in, making him completely invisible.”

See, the Elden Ring randomiser also changes some events and animations. When it’s applied to the Bell Bearing Hunter, not only does it change his name, it alters his spawn behaviour so that he never completes his entrance animation – he’s there in spirit, but not entirely in body. This makes him invisible, but still present in the game. Like the new series of some bland Netflix Original, he is both there, and not there.

Whether his appearance can be repeated in other randomiser runs remains to be seen, but hats off to MythyMoo, not only for stumbling across this petrifying new hybrid, but managing to slay it – only to find a second invisible Night’s Hunter has spawned in the same field.