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Elden Ring mod adds DnD style classes with powerful perks

A new Elden Ring mod adds a DnD style class system to the RPG game with unique, powerful perks based on fantasy archetypes such as paladins, monks, and rangers

Elden Ring mod adds classic DnD style fantasy classes: an Elden Ring prisoner covered in flames

If you love the classic fantasy archetypes of traditional RPG games, a new Elden Ring mod that adds a DnD style class system complete with unique perks might be just the thing you’re looking for. The mod adds eleven custom talismans to the open-world game, each tuned with balance changes and passive talents that emulate the flavour of a different traditional fantasy class.

The Rings of Talent mod, created by Maxilos33 and Chelarino, adds eleven of the titular rings – although they are treated in-game as Elden Ring talismans – each of which represents a different classical archetype inspired by settings such as Dungeons & Dragons. Currently on offer are Assassin, Barbarian, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Spellblade, Swashbuckler, Tank, and Vampire.

Each of the DnD classes features its own unique benefits and detriments, and in most cases comes with a specific talent that causes the class to stand out. They also have their own lovingly-written spot of lore to help emphasise the spirit and identity of the class.

For example, the Assassin’s trinket, ring of the shade, causes the Unseen Form spell to be cast on the user for free after a successful backstab. This means that pulling off clean assassinations will allow you to slip away unseen, and hopefully chain multiple kills together. In addition, the class also offers a 30% bonus to all critical damage and an additional 15 stamina regeneration per second, but reduces your max HP and FP by 20% each.

The Priest’s ring of the devoted confers a buff which, upon falling below 20% HP, causes an explosion that damages enemies, heals you for 70% of max HP, and buffs you and all teammates with 10% damage, 10% absorption, and 1% HP/second for 30 seconds. Once used, it takes five minutes for the effect to reapply. In addition, Priests get 5 additional faith and 25% cheaper incantations, but at the cost of dealing 15% less physical damage and 75% less magical damage, and having sorcery costs doubled.

Elden Ring mod adds classic RPG classes - a sorcerer casts a spell before a mighty runebear

As you can see, the effects are rather potent – we won’t list them all here, but some other highlights include reworked projectile physics for the Ranger and a potent risk/reward temptation for Swashbucklers encouraging them to keep fighting on the brink of death, but making it increasingly difficult to replenish their health as a tradeoff. Also of note is the Vampire, who constantly drains HP but can replenish it by attacking enemies or causing blood loss. Just make sure to steer well clear of any sources of holy damage! It’s fair to say the Vampire would easily make our best Elden Ring classes list.

The mod is an add-on for the Elden Ring Reforged mod, which means that currently you’ll need to have that installed as well to utilise the Rings of Talent mod, but creator Maxilos33 says that they hope to also have a standalone version ready soon.

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