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Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes locations

All the details so far on Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes, such as how to use them and how they affect both your summons and Torrent.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: a wispy worm-like creature sprouts from inside a blue forest.

Where are the Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes locations? While they aren’t quite as important as the Scadutree Fragments, the Revered Spirit Ashes have multiple buffs, making them a must-find item in the DLC. If you heavily rely on Spirit Ashes to assist you in fights against the toughest bosses, you’ll want to seek them out as soon as possible.

Of course, Elden Ring has plenty of other secrets that are likely still hidden in the base game and can help you with the DLC’s challenges. We recommend that you check out the best Elden Ring builds to see where to find the top-tier Elden Ring weapons. After all, the expansion to one of the best and trickiest RPG games ever made isn’t going to hold back.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: the Tarnished is riding Torrent past a statue with one of the Revered Spirit Ashes on its lap.

All Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes locations

Revered Spirit Ashes can be found around the world, as drops from some unique enemies, and on shadow people carrying glowing pots (like the sparkling dung beetles). However, you should also look out for statues of a kneeling headless person clutching something no longer there. These can be anywhere in the world and, unlike Miquella’s Crosses, they’re not close to any Sites of Grace.

Here are all the costs for Revered Spirit Ashes upgrades:

  • Revered Spirit Ashes Blessing Level 1 – one ash
  • Revered Spirit Ashes Blessing Levels 2-5 – two ashes
  • Revered Spirit Ashes Blessing Levels 6-7 – three ashes
  • Revered Spirit Ashes Blessing Levels 8+ – four ashes

To simplify things, we’re listing the location for each one by the closest Grace location and will direct you from there.

Below are the Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes locations:

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: the Gravesite Plain Revered Spirit Ashes locations pinned on a map.

Gravesite Plain

  • Main Gate Cross – Head inside Belurat’s main doors and go upstairs. The ashes are on a statue ahead.
  • Theater of the Divine Beast – after beating the boss, open the massive doors and look to the right after entering to find a statue with the ashes on its lap.
  • Greatbridge, North – at the top of the hill where the Abandoned Ailing Village lies in ruins, there’s a statue with this ash on it.
  • Ellac River Cave – on a statue just before you reach the Ellac River Cave Grace. To get there from Castle Front Grace, head south close to the river and take the left path when the road forks close to the fighting trolls. Follow it until you reach a swamp through the tunnel. Turn left to head north and follow this new path until you reach a pool with a giant crab and some Miranda plants. Go inside the cave to find the statue with the ashes on it.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: the Scadu Altus Revered Spirit Ashes locations pinned on a map.

Scadu Altus

  • Castle Watering Hole – southeast of this Site of Grace, past the Ruins of Unte, you can find a statue with this item.
  • Bonny Village – enter the village and head into the dried-up riverbed halfway along. Head upstream and you’ll find a statue.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: the Abyssal Woods Revered Spirit Ashes locations pinned on a map.

Abyssal Woods

  • Midra’s Library – in the library section, defeat the overweight mage to get this item.
  • Midra’s Library – jump onto the nearby chandelier and loot the corpse.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: the Shadow Keep Revered Spirit Ashes locations pinned on a map.

Shadow Keep

  • Storehouse, First Floor – on top of the statue near the Site of Grace. Head around the back of the statue and jump up the slabs. It’ll take some practice, but eventually, you can make it to the top and claim your Revered Spirit Ash.
  • Storehouse, Seventh Floor – from the Site, head across the wooden bridge and defeat the red knight. Go to the end of the platform and jump across to the statue to grab the Ash.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes: the Land of the Tower Revered Spirit Ashes locations pinned on a map.

Land of the Tower

  • Viaduct Minor Tower – head out into the lush plains and turn right. Follow the cliff at the back until you see an ancient pillar below you. Drop down and open the double doors to find a shadow person with a pot containing the Revered Spirit Ash.
  • First Rise – head up the path to the south of this Grace and the stairs. At the top, you’ll find several mages and one overweight mage. Kill the overweight one to get the Revered Spirit Ash.
  • Spiral Rise – climb the stairs about halfway, and you’ll see a broken bit of ledge near a window. Go outside, kill the mage, then turn right and slowly continue through the gauntlet of stone birds. You’ll see a crypt to your left as you make the jump to the next platform and near the stairs to the right. Head inside to claim the Revered Spirit Ash.

Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes - the Tarnished throws some daggers at a shadowy human with a cleaver.

What are Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes?

Revered Spirit Ashes work similarly to the Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments. You find them as items that you can redeem at any Site of Grace to increase your Revered Spirit Ash Blessing level. For every rank, your summons will deal more and take less damage from enemies. On top of this, Torrent will also get a boost to his health, which can be handy for smashing through hordes of enemies in the open-world game.

Unlike the Scadutree Blessing, however, your only real indication of how much it increases your Spirit Ashes stats is by summoning them in battle against the new Elden Ring bosses. If you find your ethereal allies are dropping like flies to a particularly difficult boss, you’ll need to keep an eye out for more of this precious item.

The only other thing you need to remember is that the Revered Spirit Ashes, much like the Scadutree Fragments, any buffs you get via this item apply only when you’re in the Realm of Shadows. You will temporarily lose the stat changes upon returning to any base game region or the Roundtable Hold until you return to any DLC location.

Now that you know what the Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes do, we highly recommend you grab all the Elden Ring Spirit Ash summons now that the Elden Ring DLC release date is here. Together with the Elden Ring talismans, you’ll want every advantage to make fighting the trickiest bosses much more manageable.