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All Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments locations

Learn all about the Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments locations in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, and why you should seek them out as soon as possible.

Where are the Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments locations? The Shadow of the Erdtree expansion introduces a new way to level up your character, prioritizing exploration over farming for Runes. The more Scadutree Fragments you collect, the stronger and more resilient your character becomes.

Seeking these fragments in Elden Ring will take time, patience, and a keen eye, and the same can be said for the Elden Ring Revered Spirit Ashes. Remember, you have other ways to improve your build if you’re struggling in the RPG game expansion. Make sure you find the best Elden Ring weapons in the base game to craft the finest Elden Ring builds for your chosen playstyle.

All Elden Ring Scadutree Fragment locations

There are 50 Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments in total, providing you with 20 buffs in total. It’s worth pointing out that a recent update to Elden Ring has changed the way the upgrades scale as you earn more buffs. Before the update, each buff provides a flat rate to your character, but now the buffs you receive early on are more powerful to make your overall experience easier.

The most reliable way to find Scadutree Fragments is to look near the six Miquella’s Crosses on the map. However, they can also be drops from some new Elden Ring bosses and first-time drops from some shadow people carrying glowing gigantic pots. Occasionally, these pots will also include other items, including Revered Spirit Ashes. While there are 50 Scadutree Fragments, you may notice we only have 42 pins. That’s because some fragment drops supply you with multiple fragments at once.

Reddit user Galdiuz2 has created an optimal route to collect every Scadutree Fragment. Use this route alongside our pinned maps to ensure you don’t miss any upgrades.

Here are all the costs for the Scadutree Fragment upgrades:

  • Scadutree Blessing Level 1 – one fragment
  • Scadutree Blessing Levels 2-8 – two fragments
  • Scadutree Blessing Levels 9+ – three fragments

Below are all the locations for Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments:

Gravesite Plain

  • Gravesite Plain – head east to the Church of Consolation, defeat the knight inside and claim the fragment at the altar.
  • Three-Path Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace, southwest of the Ellac Greatbridge.
  • Main Gate Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace, outside Belurat, Tower Settlement.
  • Castle Front – next to a statue on the road away from the castle near the Site of Grace.
  • Pillar Path Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace, southeast of the Castle Front Grace.
  • Castle Ensis Checkpoint – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace, which is upstairs from the courtyard after the knight.

Cerulean Coast

  • Cerulean Coast West – from this Grace, head east along the wall and circle around to the path north. You’ll see a large statue and a demi-human with a green sword. Head to the path on your left and there’ll be a small cave with the fragment. Just be careful of the larger demi-human inside, as it can summon its friends to help it beat you.
  • Cerulean Coast Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace. It’s close to the peninsula to the southwest.
  • Fissure Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace. To get to the Fissure, head to the southwest peninsula from Cerulean Coast Cross. Descend into the hole and rest at the Grace at the bottom. Keep going deeper into the cave until it opens into a large area, where Miquella’s Cross is.

Scadu Altus

  • Highroad Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace.
  • Church of the Crusade – at the altar of the Church. Head northwest of the Highroad Cross Grace to find this ruined chapel.
  • Moorth Ruins – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace, just before the ruins themselves.
  • Moorth Ruins – in the middle of the military base west of Moorth Ruins Grace.
  • Moorth Ruins – south of the Grace, after the hole, there’s a man with a glowing pot you can kill to get this fragment.
  • Moorth Ruins – by the statue in the lake northeast of the Site of Grace, close to the Miranda Plant cave.
  • Scaduview Cross – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace. To get up to this area, head south from the Moorth Ruins Grace until you reach a Sealed Spiritspring. Circle the cliff to your left until you find some rocks, break them open to break the seal. Use the Spiritspring and climb to the top of the mountain to reach Miquella’s Cross.

Shadow Keep

  • Shadow Keep entrance – defeat the Golden Hippopotamus to get two Scadutree Fragments.
  • Shadow Keep, Back Gate – by the statue near the Site of Grace. To get to this area, you need to enter the keep via the Church District Entrance and into the Storehouse, Back Section you find by going up the elevator at the end of this watery area (if you find the switch, you’ve gone too far). At the top of the elevator, head up the ladder and out the window, before walking up to the next lift. Eventually, you’ll reach the rafters. Carefully make your way across and down one of the ladders at the end, and you’ll find a set of elevators leading to the back gate.
  • Scaduview Chalice – after beating Commander Gaius, head out of the Shadow Keep, Back gate, and north toward Scaduview Chalice. Here you’ll see five Scaduview Fragments on the ground in a cluster.
    Storehouse, Fourth Floor – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace. To get here, start at the Storehouse, First Floor Grace, and continue until you cross a wooden bridge with hooded imps at the end. Turn to the right and jump onto the statue’s legs. Run up it and jump off to the balcony ahead to find the Cross.
  • Storehouse, Seventh Floor – go downstairs to the sixth floor and run past the sages into the next room. Pull the lever at the other end to get the fixtures in the middle to shift into a path. Jump to the middle and climb this obstacle, leaping across to the statue’s foot, and reach the balcony at the other end. Go outside and up the stairs to the right to find a bridge with a red knight. Defeat the knight and open the double doors to find the Scadutree Fragment on the other side.

Jagged Peak

  • Jagged Peak – after beating the two dragons, head up the mountain until you see two boulders roll toward you. At the other side of this ravine is the fragment.

Land of the Tower

  • Rauh Ancient Ruins, East – at Miquella’s Cross, next to the Site of Grace.
  • Rauh Ancient Ruins, East – defeat the Golden Hippopotamus to the southeast inside the watery location on the map.
  • Spiral Rise – at Miquella’s Cross next to the Site of Grace.
  • Spiral Rise – climb the stairs about halfway, and you’ll see a broken bit of ledge near a window. Go outside, kill the mage, then turn right and slowly continue through the gauntlet of stone birds. Turn right, then climb the stairs and kill the mage in the next room. Ascend the stairs and duck into the room on your right to get the Scadutree Fragment.
  • Cleansing Chamber Anteroom – next to the altar near the Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments: a glowing emblem of a crescent moon and a cross in the middle of a gloomy forest.

What are Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments?

Scadutree Fragments are the most important items in the open-world game‘s expansion. Initially, they won’t do anything upon picking them up, but you can redeem them to increase your Scadutree Blessing level at any Site of Grace.

This Scadutree Blessing buffs the damage you deal to enemies and your resistance to any attack, with each level increasing this as a percentage on top of your base stats. This means that, regardless of your build, you always get a significant bump in your survivability. To see how much your Scadutree Blessing increases your stats, check your character’s Status section in the pause menu and see the values in yellow.

Please note that the Scadutree Fragments buffs only apply when you’re inside the Realm of Shadows. Once you head back to the locations to the base game, these buffs will disappear until you return to the shadow realm.

Now that you know how vitally indispensable the Elden Ring Scadutree Fragments are, it’s time to prepare for the difficult first few hours that inevitably lie ahead. Now that the Elden Ring DLC release date is here, we highly recommend that you seek the best Elden Ring talismans. You’ll want as many buffs as you can get to face everything the shadow realm has to throw at you.

Original article by Dave Irwin.