Elden Ring (and most of the Souls series) is Steam Deck Verified

Don't worry, Valve's already tested Elden Ring on Steam Deck

Riding past a large monster in Elden Ring

If you want to play Elden Ring on the go, Valve has you covered. It should be no great surprise at this point, given how wide-ranging compatibility on the device aims to be, but Elden Ring is officially Steam Deck Verified, meaning Valve expects it to play great on the handheld. And if that wasn’t enough, pretty much the entire Souls series is Verified, too.

Elden Ring’s got full checkmarks across the board for Valve’s compatibility metrics. That means “this game’s default graphics configuration performs well on Steam Deck”, ” all functionality is accessible when using the default controller configuration”, “this game shows Steam Deck controller icons”, and “in-game interface text is legible on Steam Deck,” as you can see on SteamDB.

Each of From Software’s Souls games is playable on Steam Deck, too, as Wario64 notes on Twitter. Sekiro, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and Dark Souls III are all Verified, meaning they meet the same compatibility requirements that Elden Ring does. Dark Souls: Remastered is listed as ‘playable’, while the original version of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II are untested.

The Elden Ring release date and Steam Deck release date just so happen to fall on the same day, so you could technically call this a launch title. I won’t stop you.

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