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How to find the Elden Ring storeroom key

If you want to complete the Hornsent Grandam quest, you must first find the Elden Ring DLC storeroom key and discover what’s inside.

Where is the Elden Ring storeroom key? If you’re looking to defeat every last boss in the Elden Ring DLC then you’ll eventually have to take on the Hornsent Grandam quest. The tricky thing is, though, that the NPC you need to talk to is inside a locked room, to which you’ll need a key to gain access – but where is it?

You’ll want to get your best Elden Ring builds in order before you attempt to take on those tough Elden Ring bosses – of which this side quest contains two. Being all-powerful won’t do you any good if you can’t begin the quest, though. Here’s where you can find the Elden Ring storeroom key so you can begin the Hornsent Grandam quest.

Elden Ring DLC storeroom key

To begin, teleport to the Small Private Altar in Belurat, Tower Settlement. From there, head out of the door and up the stairs, taking a left, then a right down a side passage. Follow this until you get to a shallow canal. Take a left until you get to the edge, and head through the door to your right. Inside this room, there will be a ladder. Climb the ladder, and you should see an item on a body to the left of the door. This is the storeroom key.

Once you have the storeroom key in your possession, head back to the Small Private Altar. Exit the same way, but instead of heading up the stairs, take a left and walk along the narrow passage. At the end of the narrow passage, on your left, is the storeroom. Unlock the door, head through, and you can begin the Hornsent Grandam quest.

Now that you know where to find the Elden Ring storeroom key, it’s time to get your build in order, find the best Elden Ring Ashes of War, and equip the best Elden Ring talismans you can find. If you’re struggling at all, check out our best Elden Ring armor sets so you can withstand a bit more damage.