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Players’ favourite Elden Ring boss, character revealed in survey

A new Elden Ring survey has revealed a load of fun player details, including people's favourite boss, character, and why the katana is just the best thing ever

Ranni the Witch is players favourite character, according to a new Elden Ring survey

A new Elden Ring survey was conducted to find out what players like and dislike about one of the best RPGs on PC – with the results giving a good idea of which character is everyone’s favourite, which one of the Elden Ring bosses is best, and what percentage of people played Dark Souls beforehand.

Japan’s Weekly Famitsu conducted the survey of the fantasy game‘s player preferences last month, and the results were published in the most recent issue (via Frontline Japan). Around 1,700 people answered the survey, so while just for fun, it does give a good idea of what players liked most.

The most popular NPC in Elden Ring was Ranni the Witch, perhaps unsurprisingly, with the giant pot-boy Alexander and wolf-man Blaidd trailing a distant second and third. The race for the most popular Elden Ring boss was a far closer race, with Starscourge Redahn narrowly creeping ahead of Malenia – with Margit far behind. Caelid was the location that left the biggest impressive, although close behind was both Limgrave and Leyndell. The best of the Elden Ring classes, apparently, is Vagabond, although the Samurai came very close due to players associating it with FromSoftware’s last game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Exactly 200 more players voted for katanas as the best Elden Ring weapons over greatswords, with Bloodhound’s Step giving a crushing victory as the favourite Ashes of War and Comet Azur proving the top sorcery or incantation. Unsurprisingly, the ridiculously useful Mimic Tear was the top spirit ash summon.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the revelation that a large amount of Elden Rings players haven’t touched a previous FromSoftware game like Bloodborne, Sekiro, or any of the Dark Souls series. Out of the 1,700 players surveyed, less than half had played Dark Souls 1 or 2, Demon’s Souls, or Sekiro. Just over a thousand said they had played Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne – still only around 58-60%.

Clearly, the hype for Elden Ring is proving too irresistible for a lot of players. Check out PCGamesN’s Elden Ring review for why we believe that hype is justified.

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