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Elden Ring Count Ymir quest guide

Like pretty much every NPC in the DLC, Count Ymir comes paired with a complicated and convoluted quest. Here’s how to solve it.

ymir from elden ring holding a fingercreeper

How do you complete Count Ymir’s quest in Elden Ring? There are far more NPCs to meet and run errands for than the followers of Miquella in the Lands of Shadow. One of these is Count Ymir, the proprietor of the Cathedral of Manus Metyr. When you first meet him, he’ll give you a strange bell and a map, and it’s up to you to find out where to go after that.

Do you have more questions about quests in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree? You should definitely read our Leda quest guide to learn all there is to know about the Needle Knight and her love of Miquella. Otherwise, making sure you know all Scadutree Fragment locations will ensure you’re strong enough to finish Ymir’s quest, as it ends with one of the most challenging bosses in the DLC.

key locations to find count ymir location in elden ring

Where to find Elden Ring Count Ymir

Count Ymir is found in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr which requires a few steps to reach, as it isn’t as simple as walking there. First, you must reach the Scadu Atlas area by either clearing Castle Ensis or through the Fort of Reprimand, the latter of which can be accessed from a Spiritspring in the east of the Gravesite Plains. See the above image for key locations to visit on the map.

Once in Scadu Atlas, follow these directions:

  • Follow the road southeast of the Highroad Cross Site of Grace to reach the Moorth Ruins.
    • Within the northeast corner of the Moorth Ruins, head down into a cave that takes you out into Bonny Village.
    • In Bonny Village, head north on the far side of the dry riverbed to find a statue where you can pick up the O Mother gesture.
    • Cross the large bridge in the east of Bonny Village and follow it all the way past the Furnace Golem to the Church District Highroad Site of Grace.
    • From there, head southwest to reach the Cathedral of Manus Metyr.

Within Manus Metyr you’ll find Count Ymir sitting on a throne at the very back. You’ll also find his guardian Jolan leaning up against a pillar to the right of the Cathedral of Manus Metyr Site of Grace. For more on her, see the Elden Ring Jolan quest guide.

looking at the finger ruins in elden ring

How to complete Elden Ring Count Ymir quest

When you speak with Ymir, he will give you two items: the Hole-Laden Necklace and a Ruins Map. Speak with him again and he will explain the map leads to ruins where you must use the Hole-Laden Necklace to ring a bell. After that, he will also sell the following sorceries:

  • Glintstone Pebble
  • Great Glinstone Shard
  • Glintblade Phalanx
  • Carian Phalanx
  • Carian Retaliation
  • Miriam’s Vanishing

a map showing the finger ruins 1 location

Where to find Count Ymir’s first ruins

The first ruins the map leads you to can be reached from the Cerulean Coast, which in itself is accessed from the Ellac River. If you haven’t been there yet, follow these steps:

  • From the Castle Front Site of Grace (right outside of Castle Ensis), head southeast. Follow the ravine down into a poison swap area.
  • Here, look for a Giant Miranda Sprout near a cave opening that leads to the Ellac River Cave Site of Grace.
  • Follow the river south until you come out into the Cerulean Coast Site of Grace.
  • Head south until you reach the Cerulean Coast Cross Site of Grace.
  • From there, follow the coast east until you see a large ramp up that leads to the Finger Ruins of Rhia Site of Grace.

The bell you need to ring is at the very bottom of the Ringer Ruins of Rhia. To reach it, you have to contend with several Fingercreeper enemies and worm-like enemies. One of the worm-like enemies will cast a purple orb that will freeze you in place as another spawns above to attack you. To navigate this, run from behind cover and try to approach it from behind. It’s not advised to try and rush the creature on Torrent as you cannot avoid the orb.

Once you reach the large, grotesque bell at the center, interact with it to ring it. You will obtain a Crimson Seed Talisman +1. Return to Manus Metyr and speak with Count Ymir to receive the Ruins Map (2nd) and the Beloved Stardust talisman.

a map showing finger ruins 2 location

Where to find Count Ymir second ruins

The second ruins require a little bit more thinking to find but not as much legwork. First and foremost, make sure you obtained the O Mother gesture found north of the Bonny Village ruins. From there, follow these steps:

  • Head northwest of Manus Metyr to reach the Church District Entrance Site of Grace in the Shadow Keep.
  • Navigate the rooftops until you reach a lever to drain the water in the courtyard below.
  • From the back of the large cathedral, reach the Storehouse, Back Section Site of Grace.
  • Climb the nearby ladder to reach the Shadowkeep Loft Site of Grace. Navigate the rafters until you reach the outside of the Keep and can take an elevator down to the Shadow Keep, Back Gate Site of Grace.
  • Instead of heading out into the large courtyard, turn right to find a statue of Marika and a Scadutree Fragment.
  • Use the O Mother gesture here to reveal a passage to the Hinterland Site of Grace.
  • Follow the road past the Tree Sentinels and the Hinterland Bridge, hugging the right-hand side until you reach the Finger Ruins of Dheo.

Once again, you will have to contend with Fingercreepers and the creepy worm creatures. One of them will shoot the purple freezing orb again; to defeat it, hide behind the large finger-shaped structures in between its casts. Once you reach the bell at the very back, ring it, obtain the Cerulean Seed Talisman +1, and fast travel to Manus Metyr. Speak to Count Ymir to receive the Ruins Map (3rd).

finger ruins 3 from count ymir quest in elden ring

Where to find Count Ymir third ruins

Luckily, the third ruins aren’t far. Simply return to the Cathedral of Manus Site of Grace to reload the area. Before moving on, you can speak with Ymir out in the graveyard to the right. Then, head to his throne and interact with it. This will reveal a ladder down to the third bell.

However, you will be invaded by Swordhand of Night Anna. This isn’t a particularly hard fight though she can cause the bleed status fairly quickly. Once she’s defeated, you can return to speak to Jolan for a little bit more lore about the two Swordhands of Night.

Afterward, ring the bell at the back and be transported to one of two boss fights to close out Count Ymir’s quest.

fighting the mother of fingers in elden ring

How to defeat Elden Ring Metyr Mother of Fingers

This massive, grotesque boss is no joke. You should be at minimum Scadutree level 13 for this fight.

For melee builds, you’re going to want to close distance on the monster quickly to avoid beam-like spells. Metyr is most vulnerable from the back as it can flick out multiple fingers from its sides. Its damage output is insane, but its attacks are rather slow, so time your strikes well and you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking Metyr down.

Magic builds will fare a bit worse against Metyr if you don’t have a close-ranged spell to hit with. Metyr has three ranged attacks that are difficult to dodge: a sweeping beam from right to left that you should roll into, a straightforward beam that can be dodged by running to either side, and a wide cone projected out front that has two small, narrow save spaces for you to hide in.

However, worse than all this is the fact that Metyr can leap in the air and slam with its main finger/head, one-shotting many builds. Consider summoning a Mimic Tear to draw Metyr’s aggression, giving you time to cast powerful spells like Comet Azur if you’re having difficulty with this fight.

Once defeated, you will obtain the Remembrance of the Mother of Fingers, which you can trade in for a staff or a powerful club weapon at Roundtable Hold.

Return to the Cathedral of Metyr Site of Grace to begin the next boss fight.

fighting count ymir as a boss in elden ring

How to defeat Elden Ring Count Ymir Mother of Fingers

The first stage of this fight will see you invaded by Swordhand of Night Jolan. She’s fairly easy to dispatch, but once you defeat her, Count Ymir Mother of Fingers will spawn. Count Ymir wields powerful magical spells, so consider equipping a Spelldrake Talisman to mitigate it. Otherwise, he spawns several mid-sized Fingercreepers to attack you and teleports away, making it difficult to reach him.

For both melee and magic builds, he is most vulnerable when he begins summoning Fingercreepers. A magic or incantation build can blast away both the Fingercreepers and much of Ymir’s health, while a melee build can use a powerful, area-clearing Ash of War to do the same. It shouldn’t take you too long to take Count Ymir down.

With Count Ymir defeated, you will obtain the following items:

  • Count Ymir’s Bell Bearing
  • High Priest Hat
  • High Priest Robe
  • High Priest Gloves
  • High Priest Undergarments
  • Maternal Staff

Furthermore, you can find Jolan slumped against the pillar to the right of the Site of Grace if you reload the area. If you speak with her, you have the option to use either an Iris of Grace or an Iris of Occultation on her to receive one of the following:

  • Iris of Grace: Swordhand of Night Jolan Spirit Ash
  • Iris of Occultation: Sword of Knight

For more, see our Elden Ring Jolan quest guide, as you can further upgrade the Spirit Ash.

And that does it for Count Ymir’s unsettling, finger-themed quest. If you’re wondering about other creepy NPCs, take a peek at our Hornsent quest guide to make sure you don’t miss out on some great items. Otherwise, give our best Soulslikes on PC a look to start planning on what game to play next when you’re free of the Land of Shadow.