Moreowind: Skywind public alpha “coming soon”

Skywind public alpha

Update: The video is back. 

I can’t watch a Skywind trailer without being smacked in the face by a wave of nostalgia. The third Elder Scrolls adventure, Morrowind, is the best of the lot and a well deserved entry in my 15 best RPGs on PC list. The Skywind team is recreating the venerable RPG in its younger sibling, Skyrim, and the results are pretty striking thus far. 

The new trailer shows off the latest developer update with original content and new assets. It’s not a public build, but a public alpha is on the docket. The team says “coming soon”. Take a stroll through Balmora, Solstheim, West Gash and some lovely caves below. 

The project is a fairly huge one, with the designers planning on not just recreating the landscape of Morrowind, updated with custom and upgraded meshes, but the gear, assorted items, NPCs, monsters and quests as well.

There was a point where you could download a version of Skywind, but it doesn’t seem to be available any more “due to its very alpha state,” says the developer. This will be changing soon, of course.

To get ready for Skywind, you will needed a copy of Morrowind along with the Blood Moon and Tribunal expansions. Skywind will, however, run through Skyrim and use its interface, combat and graphics.

I look forward to hanging around Vivec, looking for trouble, and running away from cliff racers.

There’s an Oblivion overhaul mode, Skyblivion, in the works as well if that’s more your cup of tea. More forests and less ash storms.