Want to go higher? The Elder Scrolls Online update 4 will introduce Upper Craglorn

The Elder Scrolls Online update 4

To stop veterans from becoming degenerate drunks or tiresome bores who do nothing but send people to sleep with tales of long forgotten deeds, ZeniMax Online added the veteran adventure zone of Craglorn to The Elder Scrolls Online. Those who completed its quests, delves and trials are no doubt wondering what’s next. With Craglorn conquered, what other realm is filled with things needing a good smacking?

But hold your horses (or silt striders), you’re not finished with Craglorn yet. There’s still Upper Craglorn to get through. And it’s coming this September with Update 4. 

In Upper Craglorn, adventurers with a few nicks on their swords will be able to continue the story started in regular old Craglorn, while also encountering a new trial, the extra challenging Dragonstar Arena, a slew of quests and more delves.

There are also some big monsters, big mountains and I saw at least one or two big mushrooms in the trailer, which you can slap your eyes on below.