10,000th Skyrim mod hits Steam


Integrating Skyrim with the Steam Workshop has been a success from pretty much day one, but 10,000 mods is a massive milestone.

But which mod was it that pushed Bethesda’s game over the fence?

The Shannara Weapon Set was the all-important boundary-breaker. It adds three weapons based on the Shannara series by Terry Brooks.

Released in February, that means the mods have been fired into Steam at a rate of 45 a day. Well, when I put it like that it doesn’t sound so impressive. That is, unless you can think of something you put in something else more than 45 times a day?

If you’re a keen modder or even a beginner, you might be interested in our100 best Skyrim mods.

I’m still waiting on someone to create the mud crab kingdom. Though, it’d have to be good to top this: