Elder Scrolls Online recruits Hollywood’s top OAPs: John Cleese, Bill Nighy and Dumbledore

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online is out now; here’s our Elder Scrolls Online review.

Ever since an apparently senile Patrick Stewart convinced himself that we were the ones from his dreams, Elder Scrolls publishers Bethesda have been collecting Hollywood stage graduates and asking them to say words that dying kings or monks might.

Dishonored had a profoundly expensive all-star cast – a fact we completely forgot by the time we played it, though it all sounded Quite Good. Not content to let Hollywood-calibre talking simply wash over us another time, Bethesda have employed the most recognisable old men in the world to act as The Elder Scrolls Online’s vocal chords.

American reluctance to use their own, distinctly non-medieval accents in high fantasy has traditionally meant plenty of work for English, Scottish and Irish actors, and TESO does nothing to buck that trend. Python and Fable veteran John Cleese, former Dumbledore Michael Gambon, ‘70s legend and Heroes villain Malcolm McDowell and World Snort-Laugh Champion 2010 Bill Nighy all take on roles in the new Tamriel.

At the (relatively) younger end of the spectrum we have Alfred Molina, of Raiders of the Last Ark and Doctor Octopus fame – plus Pearl Harbor survivor Kate Beckinsale.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter has had a role in every Elder Scrolls game since Morrowind – usually as a Nord of some kind – and she’ll reprise her duties for the series’ first MMO.

Here’s a lengthy and quite insightful look into who’s playing what. Notice how they never ask a celebrity to play a lizard?

Do you think a stellar cast can help make this MMO’s story component – often, ultimately, the genre’s most neglected quadrant – become more compelling than is average?